Lady Marmalade, 36" x 24", Oil on Linen

In the 1970’s, every Saturday one of my favorite shows “Soul Train” came on. The host, Don Cornelius would introduce a new guest who would perform the latest hit song while dancers moved and grooved. I loved the rhythms and funk, the steady disco beat, the stylish clothes... I desperately wanted to be on the show or go to a disco. But I wasn’t old enough so I could only fantasize of being a star like Donna Summer or Patty LaBelle.

 I developed this fantasy into a painting called “Lady Marmalade” of a strong and seductive black woman in a disco with silky skin and clothing, shiny lips, and an attitude that would make only the most confident of men attempt to ask her for a dance. And maybe she’d even seduce them but on her terms. She’s the one in control.