EPIC - 24"x18" - oil on linen - 2015. For availability contact Nadine Robbins at 845-233-0082 or studio@nadinerobbinsart.com
Showed at: ZhouB Art Center in Chicago, Sirona Fine Art, and Bernarducci Meisel

Epic is a portrait of Robbins’ son at age ten, expertly capturing the tender transition between childhood and adolescence. Wyatt poses with typical teen bravado, wearing a trilby hat and his favorite clothes. The boy’s serious posture—while wielding a World of Warcraft sword that reveals his impressionable, youthful inner world—endears him to the viewer. Despite the Ray Bans, one senses sensitive youthful eyes staring back at us. The juxtaposition of the dark figure, the light background, and the value spectrum in the shadows creates an eye-catching contemporary portrait. At the time, the teen’s in-word was ‘epic’ which contributed the title. One foot in childhood the other in adulthood and not knowing where to be.