The Meam Museum has a vision about Figurative Realism and deserves accolades


It’s important to acknowledge this show, the curator, and the artists. The MEAM · Museu Europeu d'Art Modern is a unique Museum of figurative realism in The heart of Barcelona. There are very few of them in the world and the Meam does a very fine job. In reading their mission statement I was delighted that one of their goals is to give the art form a place to flourish and educate those visiting of the importance of giving a voice and a stage for figurative realism in the art world. And through the show “Painting Today” opening 3/8, the museum proves itself as being a leader by hiring curator Didi Menéndez to bring together 70 women artists to celebrate International Women's Day. The artists are from every part of the world and deserving of international recognition just as much as their male counterparts. I’m honored and grateful to be part of this exhibition. It’s a must see and will be on until early May. #art #museums #womeninthearts #barceloaarts #figurativepainting #contemporaryrealism #internationalwomensday


Runnin on Dunkin - 24”x24 - oil in linen


Mrs McDonald- 24”x24” - oil on linen

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Wall Street International Article: Food for Thought 28 Feb — 30 Mar 2019 at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York, United States

“Pearls” 8”x8” Oil on linen -  Inquiries

“Pearls” 8”x8” Oil on linen - Inquiries

Louis K. Meisel Gallery is pleased to announce Food for Thought, an exhibition of Realist works that celebrate subjects that are sweet and savory. Curated by the food photographer Susan Meisel, this show features nearly 150 small artworks by 50 plus artists.

Showcasing a variety of media, these artworks explore the theme of food in ways that are both overt and unexpected, all while speaking to flavors, scents and tastes. From sculptures of discarded food packaging by Thomas Pfannerstill to the vibrant paintings of Dylan’s candy by Roberto Bernardi, this exhibition presents a contemporary take on the subject of food. Read more.

Lady Marmalade Fine Art Reproductions

Lady Marmalade - 36”x24” Oil on Linen - Original Sold

Lady Marmalade - 36”x24” Oil on Linen - Original Sold

This is one of my favorite oil paintings and selling it was bittersweet. I paint for months and become connected with my paintings as if they were acquaintances hanging around in my studio. When they sell, I miss them but then I’m happy they sold.

I created a large print a few months ago for my best friend’s wedding. It was the perfect gift for them. They love my work and it also had the perfect decor for it to hang in their living room.

So it got me thinking about doing a small limited edition run of archival giclee art prints and some embellished prints on canvas as well.

If you’re interested in a print of your own or know someone that does, click here. A share is always appreciated.

As always, thanks for you support.

"Painting Today" to celebrate International Women's Day, The Meam, Barcelona.

Runnin on Dunkin, 24” x24” oil on linen, 2017

Runnin on Dunkin, 24” x24” oil on linen, 2017

On the occasion of the celebration of  'International Women's Day', the MEAM, European Museum of Modern Art, will present the exhibition called “Painting Today”. It’s an exhibition of international female artists and the MEAM has commissioned curator Didi Menendez, from the community of artists PoetsArtists, to present more than 70 works that created in the genre of figurative contemporary art. The opening will be held on March 8th and will be on view until May.

To be invited to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity is humbling especially when I see all the other artists that I’ll have the pleasure to show with. I’ve long admired the Meam because of its dedication to figurative realism and understanding the value it brings to the world of contemporary art that has lost its way.

Now in 21st century, figurative realism is ripe with opportunity and has begun to take a bigger part of the art stage. History is being rewritten to include women artists who didn’t get recognition. Personally, It’s exciting to be a figurative artist and a woman. It’s about time that our gender and artistic pursuits be acknowledged equally by the art world.

I’m looking forward to going to Barcelona to participate in the opening and to meet many artists that until now I’ve only known online. I promise to take lots of photos and share them with everyone. Ciao for now!

Below is a list of participating artists:

Ofelia Andrades, Tanya Atanasova, Kelly Birkenruth, Melinda Borysevicz, Jen Brown, Teresa Brutcher, Carmen Chami, Aleah Chapin, Catherine Creaney, Stephanie Deshpande, Marina Dieul, Michelle Doll, Kimberly Dow, Teresa Elliott, Nanette Fluhr, Tanja Gant, Arina Gordienko, Alonsa Guevara, Regina Jacobson, Aleksandra Kalisz, Lisa Keay, Lorena Kloosterboer, Francien Krieg, Shana Levenson, Rachel Linnemeier, Kathrin Longhurst, Alexandra Manukyan, Christina Grace Mastrangelo, Agnieszka Nienartowicz, Reisha Perlmutter, Kim Peters, Megan Read, Luanne Redeye, Stephanie Rew, Nadine Robbins, Anne-Christine Roda, Viktoria Savenkova, Sara Scribner, Victoria Selbach, Tina Spratt, June Stratton, Vicki Sullivan, Kimberly A. Torres, Lorna May Wadsworth, Patricia Watwood, Pamela Wilson, Natalie Holland and Anna Wypych.

Mrs. McDonald, 24”x18”, oil on linen, 2014

Mrs. McDonald, 24”x18”, oil on linen, 2014