My latest portrait painting in progress video

I decided this year to work with a new brighter palette that was inspired by a photo shoot done during the golden hour at sunset. I'm also adding a bit more texture to my surface which is turning out to be a lot of fun! To see most of the work in progress imagery of this new portrait head on over to my Patreon page. Many of the posts are public and others I ask for a small monthly donation that helps sustain my art practice.

A new arrival!

Luscious and up close!  My very first limited edition print of “Ice” arrived in the studio, and I just had to share this little video.  Both the original painting and the print measure a whopping 36”x 36”! 

For those of you who are interested in the way I work, the story of how “Ice” was born gives you a little peek into my process.  I was photographing some oysters because…well…I’m obsessed with everything about them – the taste, the reflection of light, the way these complex and humble creatures exist in their environments.

Anyway, I made a little Photoshop mistake (which happens all the time) and I accidentally cropped a photo in a way that inspired me.  It was really a breakthrough for me – a moment that pushed me to find a new sweet spot, a new understanding of the fine line between a recognizable oyster and an abstract piece of art. 

What I love most about exploring that line – the way in which we experience the act of looking at life up close – is that it is different for every viewer.  You may look at my oyster pictures and see dinner.  Another person may look at my art prints and see environmental outreach.  Another person may see line, color, and a composition that has no anchor in an actual object.  Pushing myself to expand my understanding of oysters – both as art objects and as living organisms – has opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know before.

The full-size print of “Ice” is numbered, signed, and printed on heavy, museum-quality paper.  It’s available on my website, along with all of my other mouthwatering oyster paintings and prints. Take a look at