The Meam Museum has a vision about Figurative Realism and deserves accolades


It’s important to acknowledge this show, the curator, and the artists. The MEAM · Museu Europeu d'Art Modern is a unique Museum of figurative realism in The heart of Barcelona. There are very few of them in the world and the Meam does a very fine job. In reading their mission statement I was delighted that one of their goals is to give the art form a place to flourish and educate those visiting of the importance of giving a voice and a stage for figurative realism in the art world. And through the show “Painting Today” opening 3/8, the museum proves itself as being a leader by hiring curator Didi Menéndez to bring together 70 women artists to celebrate International Women's Day. The artists are from every part of the world and deserving of international recognition just as much as their male counterparts. I’m honored and grateful to be part of this exhibition. It’s a must see and will be on until early May. #art #museums #womeninthearts #barceloaarts #figurativepainting #contemporaryrealism #internationalwomensday


Runnin on Dunkin - 24”x24 - oil in linen


Mrs McDonald- 24”x24” - oil on linen

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