Photos of Painting Today at The Meam, 20x20 at Galerie Arte Libre, and my escapades in Barcelona

What a week in Barcelona it was! So much happened and before I knew it I was back in the States with terrible jet lag and a huge smile on my face. I found myself talking to tv cameras and the press more than I’m used to and held my own. It was SURREAL! Below are lots of photos in no particular order of the Meam press conference and opening, the 20x20 opening at Galerie Arte Libre, and my travels with my friend Sequoia throughout Barcelona. Click here for a review by Lorena Kloosterboer. Many thanks to Didi Menendez from Poets and Artists, Jose Manuel Infiesta from the Meam and Jose Enrique Gonzalez from the Galerie Arte Libre.

(Photos courtesy of the MEAM, participating artists, press, and Alessandro Tomassetti, Barcelona, Spain.)