Am I blacklisted from social media?

The Golden Hour, Oil on Linen, 24”x24”

The Golden Hour, Oil on Linen, 24”x24”

A troubling thing happened this past week. I posted my new painting “The Golden Hour” on social media. I thought it would be easy to get the word out and wanted to boost the post where I could. But my post was rejected from IG for the following reasons (Email I received from Facebook/Instagram after my appeal):

Hi Nadine,

Here's what's preventing your ad from being approved:

Image:We don't allow ads that imply nudity, for example, through blurring or cropping. I suggest you try using content that focuses on your product or service rather than on nudity.

The reason behind our policies:

We don't allow ads with content that features sexually suggestive positioning or that shows a lot of skin (even if it's for an artistic or education reason) because of their highly sensitive nature. I suggest you have a look at our Advertising Policies for more details, including some do's and don'ts.

What to do next:

Try editing your ad by following the policy guidelines mentioned above. You can do that through Ads Manager here.You can also check out Facebook Blueprint, which allows you to go through our self-paced e-learning module on Facebook's Advertising Policies.

Was this helpful? Let us know.

No this wasn’t fucking helpful! It was infuriating. I appealed to them again and so far have been ignored and I will not change my post.

Being censored by social media is nothing new. It’s a risk I was willing to take and I have been reprimanded in various ways as if I were a child being scolded. I’ve resigned myself to blurring nipples and crotches but this still gets me into trouble. But this last rejection goes too far.

It seems for now the only safe place from censorship is my blog. So I hope you’ll visit from time to time or sign-up for the feed.

As always, thanks for you support.