Introduction from Patreon

I've been told my paintings are funny, defiant, and real and I think those are perfect adjectives to describe my art but my feelings about my work are evolving. As a result of an exceptionally difficult year, I have learned that instead of my focus being on defiance based on my past, my new work is moving into an emotional space that sets my mind at ease for my future. Now don't get me wrong, the balance of getting older and finding peace with my past is ongoing and I'm sure some intense work is in my future. But right now my art is about my capacity of letting go and looking on the brighter side of things as a way to handle a world I'm much too sensitive for. My art is giving me energy these days and not weighing me down.

I created my Patreon page to share my work privately but also to ask for financial support. Artists like myself have recognition but that doesn't equate to financial independence. I want to continue to create meaningful art without thinking about money all the time. I feel that money can complicate and distort the creative process. With your help, I can paint what I want to paint and you can enjoy the process exclusively.

So what is Patreon? Patreon in an online platform where patrons can pay a small monthly fee to see my posts. It's not like Kickstarter. It's more like Netflix. 

What can you expect for your generosity? Posts and videos about everything that goes on in my studio and my career. You'll learn and see my process and read the stories behind the paintings. I've created several financial tiers from $2 to $30 a month, each of which will grant you access to more and more content and offers of free archival prints, discounts on paintings, etc...

My Patreon page is constantly evolving just like my work. I hope you'll join me for the ride and help support my creative goals.