People marched on 1/21. These are their stories: Kimberly Hunter

We marched to demand equality and safety for people of all races, religions, beliefs and genders.

I woke up the morning after the election and was devastated at the results. I could not believe our nation voted him in. My anger lasted for a while and then the fear set in. I was fearful for my children, their future and the country they would be left with after this man’s term in office. I did not know what I was going to do but knew I had to do something. I started writing to my local politicians expressing my concerns and thoughts. After I had written some letters, I still was not satisfied. It did not feel as if it was enough and I did not feel any better. I felt alone even though I knew millions felt as I did. I wanted to be with these people. It was then I first heard about the March and felt my prayers had been answered.

I knew I was going to march and I would be counted. I knew people would see our faces and we would not be faceless individuals on a piece of paper or a signature line in an e-mail. I needed to be with those who shared my same beliefs, my fears, my anger and my desire to have my voice heard.

My husband and I drove up to Albany, NY to the March. We were marching together for the first time and would be doing so for our children and their future. We marched for our LGBTQ child, we marched for our two daughters and our son. We marched because women deserve a choice, because affordable healthcare should NOT be a luxury, we marched for equality, we marched because the freedom to decide what to do with one’s body is the most basic human right. We marched to demand equality and safety for people of all races, religions, beliefs and genders. We marched for JUSTICE and the human race.

I marched because I am a WOMAN, mother, nurse, wife, friend and a citizen of this country and it’s my right to do so. I marched because Planned Parenthood was there for me when I had nothing. They provided me with health care, education and support when I needed it most.

The March was an experience I cannot put into words. I felt empowered, embraced and hopeful. Our voices were loud and proud and diverse. We all came together and embraced each other’s beliefs and positions. I left the March feeling hopeful and ready to march on.

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