People marched on 1/21. These are their stories: Susan and Kylie Mattsen

I may be an idealist but I believe our President should be at least at his very core a moral man or woman - this Trump is not.

I was fortunate to attend the DC Women’s March with my 13 year old daughter and some close friends. I felt compelled to go to the March because I, like so many, could not just sit and watch such a racist narcissist become President. The hateful racist misogynistic rhetoric he spewed throughout his campaign sickened me and I believe has caused a horrific resurgence in racism and discrimination in our country. The way in which he talked about grabbing a woman’s pussy is what truly haunted me and when called out about it he displayed no remorse. In my America a man who thinks in such a way about women along with his racist views of minorities should not be President. His actions and words quite simply show he is not a president for all the people. I may be an idealist but I believe our President should be at least at his very core a moral man or woman- this Trump is not. He played us against each other and did so using hate and scare tactics such as racial stereotypes to explain why American society is failing its poor and middle class. Unfortunately, many bought into this and now we are under his rule. The harm and damage he could do while President truly terrifies me and I am afraid will take years for us to recover from. Ultimately, I had to go to the March as my way of taking concrete action against Trump and his administration – to show my friends and family we cannot give up and we must come together now more than ever and fight to save our country from becoming another Russia or worse yet Germany under Hitler’s rule, just cleverly disguised by Trump as “Making America Great Again”. I truly believe and history has shown that when we the people gather in masses and work together we can change things and make things better. We can stand up to Trump and his administration and hold them accountable and demand they meet the needs of all the people and if they don’t listen, then yes, a movement to overthrow them is necessary.


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