Julie Qiu, Oyster Enthusiast, Oyster Sommelier & Bivalve Blogger

My love of seafood and curiosity were the driving factors behind how In A Half Shell got started in the first place. After years of research, reading, traveling, speaking with scientists, growers, and experts in the industry, and of course, tasting a lot of oysters, I found myself in a position of expertise. I had a strong desire to share this information with others, and that manifested itself in experiences and products. I've probably tried over 400 "varieties" from around the world now — I've had oysters grown on every continent except Antarctica, and have traveled to five continents to savour them. The more that I learned, the more I felt intrigued by the production side of the oyster, as well as the sustainability aspect. And while there is no official certification process (yet) to become an oyster sommelier -- which is simply a phrase that I coined up myself to try and capture what it is I offer/do -- I hope to create a program someday. As a start, I produced an 8-video Oyster class for Skillshare, a popular online learning platform. If you are interested in learning more, you should take my Oyster Mastery class!

Julie Qiu, hosts a unique website called "In A Half Shell" that champions oyster appreciation and showcases the most exceptional oysters, oyster bars, growers and destinations from around the world.