Oyster Success!

It came down to the wire, and I was glued to the computer, refreshing every minute or two to find out if my fellow oyster-phile’sKickstarter would be funded, and I’m pleased and proud to announce that it was!  More than 120 supporters from all over the world pulled together to raise more than $25,000AUD for Kim Beamish and Pat Fiske to make their important film, Oyster.

Oyster chronicles the challenges faced by Dom and Pip Boyton, small oyster farmers in New South Wales, Australia.  They grapple with a changing environment and the struggle of supporting a family while protecting and preserving their waterways.  It’s an important film.  One that deserves to be made.

And I’m just a little bit proud of my contribution to the cause.  I donated limited edition prints of one of my oyster paintings for folks who pledged their support for Kim’s film.  I signed all ten of the “Oyster Pearl” prints that supporters selected as their chosen reward for supporting Kim with at least $100.

You can see the trailer for Kim Beamish and Pat Fiske’s full-length documentary at http://www.oysterfilm.com/trailer/

And if you’re interested in supporting oyster conservation efforts, I donate a portion of my proceeds to support nurturing our waterways and future generations of oysters.  See my paintings and prints at http://www.juicyoysters.com