Getting Your Portrait Painted Is Trendy Again!

How exciting to see this article in Bloomberg! I think it's about time. There are so many talented artists that are out there struggling to make a living and this could be just what they need to support themselves without Gallery representation (I'll soon post about my thoughts on representation another day). Portraiture has a long history and it was the Egyptians who began the era of using portraits as a way to posthumously represent their dead.

I hope this article begins a new era where original portraits take center stage. A renaissance!

Below is a portrait I did of Howard Tullman, a renowned collector from Chicago. I approached him and he loved the idea of a portrait showing his bad habit of drinking too much Diet Coke. It was an original and humorous approach to portraiture that represented his personality as uniquely his own.

So if you are looking to commission a portrait that is unique like his, check out my work and give me a call at 845-233-0082. You can also visit my commission page that has more information about the process and a few of the paintings I've done. My clients will be delighted to talk to you about how it was to work with me.


Patreon supports artists. Will you too?

Welcome potential Patrons!

A little bit about me. I have a fabulous son who is in 11th grade, a husband who's the best, and 2 entertaining pets named Apollo and Cooper. In a past life I owned a small boutique design agency that served the financial industry for 20+ years. But the 2008 financial collapse changed everything. The carnage was fast and furious and I lost almost 80% of my business. You'd think I was devastated but in fact I was kind of relieved. I had been thinking about getting out of the business. The financial crisis gave me an out.

Fast forward 10 years and I'm now a full-time fine artist painting photo realistic portraits, nudes, and oysters in my studio on a mountain in the Hudson Valley a few hours North of New York City. I've been told my paintings are funny, defiant, and real and I think those are perfect adjectives to describe my art.

In the early days, the beauty of social media was being able to share my work in progress images, see what other artist were doing, feeling of sense of community, and lots of networking. But it's no longer the case. So I created my Patreon page because I'm tired of the clutter, advertisements, censorship, and no one seeing my posts.

So what is Patreon?

Patreon in an online platform where patrons can pay a small monthly fee to see my posts. It's not like Kickstarter. It's more like Netflix. 

What can you expect if you sign-up and become a patron?

You'll be the first to see what's going on in the studio! I'll be posting work in progress and reference photos, videos, news, Q&A events, tips, freebies, first view and purchase options of final paintings, discounts, and so much more. For your convenience, I've created several award tiers each of which will grant you access to more and more content. They begin at $1 a month.

My main goal is to create a community for my collectors, fellow art lovers, and like minded artists who want to support my art and participate in the development of paintings as they are being created. if you have any questions email me.

As always, thanks for your support.

Censorship and Facebook algorhythms aren't working for artists

My decision to move away from Facebook and Instagram has been mostly about censorship. So I am gradually moving away from them.

Until 3/3 most of my posts on Patreon will be public. I hope you'll consider my uncensored, ad free, and uncluttered content of value and that you'll consider supporting the development of a new body of work that will push me into new territory.